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Other Value Added Services

Kitting & Repack
LINC can support your manufacturing process with value added services such as Kitting & Repack.

Kitting involves converting larger, unmanageable quantities into smaller, more manageable quantities or may possibly involve the process of assembling small "components" that will eventually be part of a larger "component". LINC can handle your kitting needs by freeing up congestion on your delivery line site and by providing ease of use at the point of consumption. LINC provides careful coordination of order management, manufacturing, and distribution to provide our customers with mass-manufactured products that are made to their exact specifications. We can help you to enhance your product by creating more value and selection and in the long run, reduce your inventory levels, liability, and supplier base!   LINC supports this process utilizing its error proofing systems to ensure that the right parts are placed into the right kits 100% of the time. 

LINC can also help with your repacking needs. Repacking can involve the disassembly and/or reconfiguration of a product into a new packaging alternative or maybe you require shrink wrapped pallets for shipments. Regardless of your product or industry, LINC has vast experience and can handle your repacking requirements.

Supplier Logistics Centers
LINC is currently operating multiple supplier-based logistics centers in several areas of the country. This enables a supplier to ship goods in bulk to a LINC facility where the parts are inspected, assembled, sequenced and shuttled to the final assembly location to meet the assembly facility's just-in-time needs. In effect, LINC operates as a "branch office" for the supplier, supplying critical material to the final point of use. This operation is transparent to the final customer and enables you to stretch your company's supply lines around the corner or across the globe.

Dedicated Plant Site Logistics Centers
LINC manages and performs value-added services in our Logistics Centers that are dedicated to an assembly plant or manufacturing facility. These services include, but are not limited to, Central Material Areas (CMA), Sequencing operations, Repack / Rework services, Sub-Assembly work and Container Management Centers (CMC). By outsourcing multiple services at our Logistics Centers, the assembly plant or manufacturing facility benefits by being able to utilize these now-vacant areas for production purposes. Logistics Centers are viewed as extensions of the customer plant and LINC's partnership with the customers assist in driving down costs and improving efficiencies. Communications are strengthened through the placement of LINC liaisons that are on-site at the customer facility. LINC liaisons coordinate shipping, receiving and production schedules for the customer, as well as acting as a single point contact for problem resolution and material follow-up.

Route Design
  • Network Design & Optimization
  • Resource Optimization
  • Mode Selection
  • Database Design & Management
  • Reporting
  • Location Selection
With the understanding that consultation is necessary to evoke new ideas and improve upon business processes, LINC offers our consulting services to provide you with insight into our many successes. Our services range from logistics strategy development to implementation support. We have developed planning methods and tools to support the development of logistics operations and facilities for our world class customers. Let us share our knowledge with you.