Logistics Insight Corporation
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Warren, MI  48089
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Featured in “Who’s Who in Logistics?”  - Armstrong’s Guide to Global Supply Chain Management

Logistics Insight Corporation (LINC) received an RFQ from a major OEM on July 13, 2004 for a facility to process small lot CMA material, sequence parts, and transload railcars to trailers for JIT delivery. The catch was that the candidate that was awarded the business had to be operational on August 16, 2004. The size and scope of the RFQ made this a daunting task. LINC was one of the few RFQ respondents that did not blink an eye at this aggressive timeline, and was awarded the business on July 26.The OEM that awarded the business had an existing 3rd party provider in a facility within .5 mile of its two assembly plants, with the opportunity for LINC to co-locate in the facility. However, existing offices were already in use and were unavailable. Working out of a temporary office in a mobile trailer, LINC was able to successfully launch this business on the 16th of August per the original bid specifications. LINC hit the ground on July 27 and was operational on August 4. Today, LINC has taken over 465,000 sq. ft. of the facility and is currently performing the following operations to support the two assembly plants:
  • 35,000+ spd picks per day
  • 5,000+ cma picks per day
  • 300 return container picks per day

    LINC unloads 3 railcars per day, over 75 returnable container loads, and over 100 inbound material loads.

    LINC ships out over 175 loads to the plants per day and over 150 returns loads per day (return container).

    This facility achieved 15.3 PPM for the 1st quarter of 2005. This constitutes world class performance.