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LINCs sequence process is state-of-the-art. Through carefully managed reference tables, parts are assigned to racks, sequence racks are attached to locations and locations are assigned printers. Each rack within the sequence facility has unique characteristics that are also defined; beyond the part-type they include slot count, assigned pick reports and plant locations.

LINCs sequence system is designed to generate the correct part to the correct rack in the correct order 100% of the time. Our system is built on a Windows 2003 Server platform using component based .net architecture coupled with 802.11 wireless communications to the production floor. This enables us to process the sequence in an error-free environment that is reliable and responsive to the needs of our automotive partners.

Sequence Communication
Sequence notification from the plant to LINC can be made on virtually any communication link from dial-up to ANX and our system can handle an EDI 866 Sequence Notice, a FLEX or virtually any other type of broadcast messaging.

Receipt of Data
Upon receipt of the broadcast, our system insures your sequence request is in sequential order. We maintain records of the last sequence and the expected next sequence to insure that process. In the event that a sequence is missed due to communication interruption from the source, an alarm is generated to support personnel via cell telephone for immediate resolution of the issue.
Sequence Processing

Upon receipt of a broadcast, sequence order is verified and the parts, extracted from the broadcast are assigned to a rack. When the rack is completed, a pick report, as well as optional rack and/or part labels, are generated to the pick location on the floor. The parts are then effectively sequenced into the rack.

Verification Process
Verification of the correct part to the correct slot in the correct rack is completed both visually and electronically. LINC maintains a unique pick report designed to mirror the rack. For example, if the rack is designed for 16 parts, 4 slots across, 4 slots down, the pick report will mirror that image. We have the ability to insert part descriptions, even pictures to better enable the part sequencers to sequence correctly.
Our electronic verification process is also unsurpassed. LINC personnel using wireless scanners, (actually mini-computers) scan the sequence rack bar code, and the part numbers in the order they were loaded are returned to the scanner. A successful verification occurs when all parts are scanned in the proper order of the sequence rack thereby insuring 100% compliance.

Inventory Processing
LINCs sequence system fully supports the demand for active inventory. Upon delivery of the freight, either a 2D or standard bar code attached to the freight is scanned, updating part quantities by supplier and serial number. Part quantities are relieved in the shipping process when the rack bar code is scanned to the outbound conveyance.

LINCs sequence system also has modules that can handle part delays, a kit-making module, and a sub-assembly broadcast where multiple parts are assembled from a single broadcasted part.

Our database design and the amount of data gathered in the sequence processes enable LINC to generate virtually any report from data broadcasting, sequence, inbound or outbound delivery without additional programming.