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Home Delivery

With an eye to improving order cycle time, reducing handling and eliminating inventory, mass merchandisers in the USA have moved to filling orders taken by their stores directly from the manufacturer to the customer's home. When the order is taken, a copy of the order is sent to the manufacturer, and a copy to the logistics company who makes this service possible. Experienced personnel using state-of-the-art computer systems coordinate this sale and delivery quickly and professionally. Close control of information flow and attention to detail ensure the meticulous service design of the merchandiser and the manufacturer are achieved. When certain types of installation services are needed, they are prepared in advance by the logistics company and coordinated to be there as promised to the homeowner.

Supplementing the marketing advances of the mass merchandisers, Internet sales are also driving an ever increasing demand for firms that can provide and coordinate this final mile delivery service. Many different types of objects are being bought and sold all over the world, and they all need the same thing: safe delivery into the hands of the buyer. This type of logistics work requires precision. Precise Logistics Network delivers this precision.